English word formation Science and Technology

Here is a word formation mind map useful for science and technology topics in exams such as FCE and CAE and more!

There might be some interesting features in pronunciation. For example, chemist-chemical-chemistry, we read ch as [k]. Also, technical [ˈteknɪKl]-technician [tekˈnɪʃən]; here the letter c has different sounds. Letters –ci together give sound [ʃ] the same as sh in ship, shop. Learn more about pronunciation rules by reading interesting texts about music here.

Check your word formation skills with the next exercise. Refer to the mind map in the case of difficulties👆 🙂

How Technology Has Changed Student Life

At a recent family dinner my mother was struggling to remember an actor’s name. Doing what seemed natural, I took out my smartphone, searched for the movie she was talking about and voila! Benedict Cumberbatch. This series of events, which might seem completely (worth) of comment for most of us, (complete) blew my mother away.“How did you know to do that?” she asked, while I tried to explain that it was simply second nature. But, later, it got me thinking; thinking about how we use technology in so many different aspects of our lives. Planning, socialising, communicating and banking – just some of the things that we now tend to do through our gadgets. However, there is one particular group for which technology has had a (benefit) and profound impact on students. Going back to my family dinner, and chatting about university life, it didn’t take too long for the phrase “you kids have it so much easier these days” to feature. But, to be completely fair on my mother, she has a valid point.

While we still have all the same (education) benefits as those of the previous generation, we have so many more as well. We still have libraries available to us, but we also have countless virtual libraries that exist on the Internet. 

Student faculty (interact) is another area that has benefited from technology, for both parties. Nowadays, we can communicate from the comfort of our homes, or even while we are on a bus, through mail, instant messaging or even Instagram.

It’s amazing to actually look back, compare,  and take on board the (advance) that have been made and the benefits we are reaping as a result.

Smartphones, projectors and smart speakers are already a common sight in lecture halls, and why shouldn’t they be? The (replace) of textbooks with e-books on phones allows students the luxury of having up-to-date, interactive or even personalised learning materials.

How would you describe someone who is keen on science and technology? Find out how to describe somebody’s character. 👩‍🔬 Obviously, modern technologies can be addictive. What would be your advice to people with technology addiction?

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