English elementary vocabulary Travelling⛵

Exams or just a necessity to understand at least some English while studying or during travelling make us continue learning English🇬🇧 Here is some basic, elementary vocabulary about travelling.

In the first exercise there are five bubbles🗨 you have to put in the correct order.

Have you ever been abroad?

How much time does it take you to pack your luggage?

In this exercise you have to put correct words on the left into gaps.

Do you like travelling by coach?

Do you usually explore local sights on foot?

While travelling we might discover lots of new places, cultures and shows. Boost your vocabulary for musicals🎭 and restaurants🍕 and cafes too! Besides culture and sightseeing, there is adventure travel. What do you think it is? Is adventure travel more suitable for the city or the countryside? Why?

How can science and technology change the future of travelling?

What travelling superstitions do you know?

Published by Polina

English teacher, cultural explorer and Korean&Slovenian language learner

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