English vocabulary Starting a business

What do you need to run a successful café?/amusement park?/clothing store?

  • idea
  • location
  • marketing
  • logo
  • service

Is it necessary to have low prices? How can you make a place quirky? What creates a good vibe? What ad do you suppose can be effective? What else do you think is necessary?

Definitely, I will do it.

Affordable prices

Good quality of jeans

Listen. What things does Carmen think are important for starting a new café? What doesn’t she think is important?

Successful Cafe From Speak Now 3 Lesson 24

It needs a good ____ .

The ___ have to be affordable.

It must have free ____ .

What business is it worth investing money in nowadays?

Definitely, there are character traits any business entrepreneur should have. What do you think they are? Do a video exercise about starting a business and learn from other businessmen including Sir Richard Branson!

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