English vocabulary Job skills

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What skills are necessary to get a job today?

  • work experience
  • overseas experience🧳
  • good school grades5️⃣
  • a graduate degree👩‍🎓
  • communication skills
  • social media skills
  • knowledge of current affairs🌍
  • fluency in English

What to do before an interview if a person has low self-esteem?

If you want to get a new job skill, what do you do? Where can you find quality courses? Are courses on the Internet affordable?

Devélop communication skills

To start a business you need leadership skills

The main dish in Russian cuisine is usually soup

Listen. Emily is applying for a marketing position. Why does she think she is suitable for the job?
What question doesn’t she answer?

Job skills From Speak Now 3 Lesson 21

Frue or false?

Emily took three courses in marketing at college.

Emily developed leadership and communication skills while working at Mesa Design.

The interviewer asked why she worked at Mesa Design.

Emily can use some of the main programs on the computer.

What job skills will be worth developing in the future?

Definitely, there are character traits any modern employee should have to get a job. What do you suppose they are? Try learning more job vocabulary!

Careers and spheres mind map

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