English superstitions listening

Ladder, coin, mirror, shadow

Do you believe in superstitions? What superstitions do you believe in?
Does a black cat remind you of something? What does a white cat mean to you?

Complete the sentences with the correct words.





It’s bad luck to walk under a __. It’s good luck to throw a __ in a fountain. It’s bad luck to break a __. It’s bad luck to step on a ___.

Listen. How many superstitions do they talk about? Do you know these superstitions?

Superstitions audio
Speak now 3 Lesson 27

Which picture is about the weather? Which picture is about good luck?

The broken mirror, the black cat and lots of good luck
audio from Learn English British Council

Listen to a story about superstitions and then read the text and do some exercises!

Learn more about traditions and rituals!

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