Wedding superstitions listening and reading

Calendar, mirror, a couple at the wedding

Do you believe in superstitions? What do the wedding superstitions below mean? Are they good or bad luck?

  • wearing a veil
  • rain on the wedding day
  • breaking glass
  • carrying the bride over the threshold
  • spider on the wedding dress
  • crossing a nun or monk’s path
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Set the date for the wedding

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Can I borrow your pen for a moment?

Bride and groom are people who get married

Listen. Mark and Lesley are going to get married. Complete the superstitions they discuss.

Wedding superstitions
audio from Speak now 3 Lesson 27

The bride should wear something old, something new, something ___, something ___.

It’s __ for the groom to see the bride in her wedding __ before the ceremony.

It’s OK for the bride to look in the __ before she __ for the ceremony.

It’s very unlucky to get married on __ the __.

Listen again. Which superstitions does Mark believe in? What about Lesley?

Read the e-mail below.

Hi Laura,
I’m really excited that you can come to my sister’s wedding. It will be so much fun, Weddings in India are a little different from American weddings. There are many rituals. One ritual is mehndi. All of the females in my family, and my sister’s friends, will come over for a party. As the bride, my sister will first get turmeric paste put on her face, feet, and hands. (Do you use turmeric in the U.S.? It is an orange spice.) Then a special artist comes and draws a complicated design in henna on the bride’s hands, arms, feet, and legs. The henna dye will come off in a few weeks. According to tradition, the bride doesn’t have to work in her new home until the henna fades away.
Of course, after the ceremony there will be another big party and we’ll have a lot of food. You will also get to see some Indian dances while you are here. You can wear Western clothes, but I can also give you a sari if you want to dress Indian-style.

Choose the correct word or phrase to complete the sentences.

  1. Meera is from the United States /India.
  2. Her sister/ brother is getting married.
  3. Mehndi is a wedding /ritual.
  4. Henna/ Turmeric is an orange spice.
  5. The design is drawn on the bride’s face/ hands
  6. As long as you can see the henna, the bride/ groom doesn’t have to work.

The text and the exercise are from Speak now 3 Workbook

Learn more wedding vocabulary with a video exercise!

Where is the wedding traditionally celebrated in your country? At home or at a restaurant?

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