English speaking Predictions about the Future

red rotary phone with black wheels

Will the world be the same or different in 20 years? What things are supposed to vanish in 20 years?

  • credit cards
  • laptops
  • shopping centers
  • cash
  • watches
  • wallets or purses
  • keys
  • drivers
  • marriage
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com
Woman holding a gas lamp

And what kind of fuels will they use?

They’ll likely be using hydrogen

Emissions in the city

We’re working on zero emission cars

Listen. What will be driving cars in the future?

Future predictions From Speak Now 3 Lesson 29
A bike, a rocket and a witch flying on a broom

Answer the questions

What does the engineer say cars will be like in the future?

What will future cars be made of?

What kind of fuels will cars use?

Future predictions Text doc extra sentences

What do you think homes of the future will be like?

Do you think people will contact aliens in the future? What other paranormal phenomena can be true in the future?

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