English speaking describe your goals

cup, money, house

What are your goals? What do you hope to do ten or twenty years from now?

  • be financially independent
  • get out of debt
  • be more confident
  • get my own place
  • manage money better

achieve your goals

excel at your job

Mental health

Watch the video. What does Cathy talk about?

  • her studies
  • travelling
  • her fitness level
  • relationships

Correct the mistakes:

  • Cathy is trying to achieve 2 main goals.
  • Cathy doesn’t keep herself fit.
  • Cathy wants to excel at personal relationships
  • Cathy says it is important to keep a balanced diet
  • Mental health is your physical activity

What can be the goals of the woman below?

What goals do you set for yourself? How can you achieve them? Is there anything you want to excel at?

When you set your goals, how far into the future do you plan? How predictions of the future influence your goals?

Learn more English phrases for talking about plans and goals!

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English teacher, cultural explorer and Korean&Slovenian language learner

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