English speaking Climate Change

sun, storm, grapes

Is the Earth getting warmer? Will there be problems if the Earth gets warmer?

How can we achieve zero waste?

What eco-friendly goals can you set for yourself?

  • Buying groceries and vegan food without plastic packaging
  • Purchase high-quality ethical&sustainable clothing brands
  • Buy seasonal veggies and fruits 

Do an exercise about environmental issues below👇:

Devastating storms

not that common in this country

it wasn’t very expected

Watch the video. What does Marcel talk about?

  • global warming
  • his opinion about climate change
  • weather change

Can devastating storms happen in your country? What natural disasters are common in the area where you live in? Are there natural phenomena you don’t expect?

Learn more with BBC English talk about global warming 🌳

Published by Polina

English teacher, cultural explorer and Korean&Slovenian language learner

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