18 Websites to learn English with video lessons and interactive exercises

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Learn English online with interesting FREE video clips and movie lessons! Here is the list of super helpful esl video websites with interactive exercises. For beginners and higher!

Learn English with movies and interactive tasks

  • iSLcollective offers lots of interactive cartoon and movie videos for any level and age. You can choose among various grammar, English tenses and vocabulary topics.
  • Lyricstraining is a platform to practice listening with video gap-fill exercises. You can create your own worksheets. There is an app, which allows you to save and translate new vocabulary to your language.
  • ESL Video is a video-based resource with interactive tasks. There are exercises with “Friends”!
  • Liveworksheets has lots of interactive exercises for some movies and genres. Here try to complete the dialogue from “Letters to Juliet” movie.
  • VOA Learning English The movies are fun movie clips, although without interactive exercises but there are quizzes within the videos!

Learn English with interactive video clips

  • EnglishCentral is a vocabulary learning platform with various topics. A mobile app is also available.
  • British Council videos for teens include interactive exercises with vocabulary for every video.
  • British Council videos for adults mostly for B2-C1 levels, interesting topics, various interactive exercises.
  • Elllo is a short video and listening resource with real people conversations answering popular English exam questions and other topics.
  • Real English is a collection of video interviews and conversations of people on the streets with interactive exercises.
  • LearningApps has various video and listening exercises for different topics with interactive modules. Listen to Steve Jobs talk about managing people.
  • ESOL Courses has a collection of video and audio interactive activities. Some lessons are suitable for IELTS listening.
  • ESL Radio and TV focuses on some serious topics as well as on conversational vocabulary.
  • EnglishExercises offers interactive video exercises created by teachers. Mostly for schoolchildren. For example, try this Avengers word formation and video activity.
  • ToLearnEnglish is a bit old-fashioned but still a popular website to practice grammar and vocabulary. Try a video lesson on Passive voice. Mobile-friendly.
  • ESLeschool has captivating video and listening activities for different levels and exams. For example, the lesson Benefits of Bilingualism is on the interconnection between language and culture and how language can limit the way we think.
  • The Open University is a world leader in free education and distance learning. They have English language courses for everyday English as well as for professionals. And you can earn a free statement of participation!
  • BBC Leaning English Lingohack is mostly for intermediate+ students with hot topics and thought-provoking videos. There is a quiz within a video.
  • Our language learning website pnesterova.com offers free structured lessons, interesting topics, discussion questions, additional videos and vocabulary exercises that make you remember. You can use lessons to study with your teachers or study buddies!
Frozen In Summer interactive exercise

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