Korean marathon 7 months Day 1

My marathon has started! 7 months, 4 hours+ of Korean every day!

Target: get to at least pre-intermediate level and pass TOPIK exam.

Inspired by:

  • My prolonged experience of studying Korean and being frustrated with constantly forgetting what I learned because I didn’t study regularly and didn’t have specific aims.
  • Movie Julie & Julia 2009

Music: library music from YouTube, rain and fireplace

For today it was two videos. I reviewed some forgotten vocabulary. I repeated after words and dialogues and wrote them down. Then learnt by heart a few phrases, made my own sentences, practiced translation to English and back.

Paperwise: I wrote on 4 pages today.

Wrote a letter to a penpal! Using my vocabulary I learned today. I hope not a lot of mistakes.

Two silly videos were made where I used expressions from today’s videos

And not to forget to watch videos again in the evening!

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