Korean marathon 7 months Day 3

Three videos today but one was full of vocabulary I will barely need.

Music: rain and TV background

Pages: 5 pages, all in pencil

The use of pictures instead of translation

Aroma: lemongrass, orange aroma oil

At first I just watch video. Then I watch again and repeat after them. The third step is to watch again and write all important phrases for you. You don’t have to learn all the vocabulary, only what you think can be useful for you.

When you make your own sentences/examples, don’t make them too long!

2 thoughts on “Korean marathon 7 months Day 3

  1. I like that you’re using pictures for the meaning instead of using the actual translation! I may try that next time and see if it helps.

    It reminds me of what I’m doing in my interpreting class right now. We read an article and then draw out the information in images so we don’t get stuck in a certain language. But I didn’t think of applying the technique to language study.

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