Korean marathon 7 months Day 27

Just to finish the comic picture from yesterday (pictures 3,4,5):

  • 하지만 다음날 아침 날씨가 좋아서 점심 위한 도시락을 어제는 준비하지만 한국 음식을 잘 못해요. However, the weather was good the next morning, so I prepared a packed meal for lunch yesterday, but I’m not good at cooking Korean food
  • 저녁에는 친구랑 같이 음악을 듣고 맛있는 음식을 먹고 이야기를 하고 한국어를 늘었어요. In the evening, we listened to music with friends, ate delicious food, talked, and increased our Korean language level.
  • 요즘 친구랑 같이 인터넷으로 음악을 듣고 영화를 보고 점심 먹고 한국어로 아주 잘해요. 매일 인터넷으로 수업을 듣고 놀이공원에도 가고 싶어요. Nowadays, I listen to music on the Internet with my friends, watch movies, have lunch, and do very well in Korean. I want to take classes on the Internet every day and go to amusement parks.

I’m using these series of stories for kids? and language learners. The advantages:

  • Short
  • Good animated pictures
  • Easy everyday language

However as disadvantages I see:

  • No real actors ( it easier to understand when you see people’s faces? )
  • Grammar is too natural and complicated
  • Kid’s voice can be a bit annoying 😞 for me. But it’s cute!

When I can’t sleep I do this kind of pictures!

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