Korean marathon 7 months Day 31

I would not say I’m not lazy. I am. But I do a little every day. With fun methods that bring results.

I decided in my mango travels picture there is another story to explore:

망고는 여행을 가고 싶어요. 한국에 가서 새로운 장소를 볼 수 있어요. 한국은 재미있는 나라예요. 요즘 망고는 한국어를 배워서 한국 새로운 친구를 사귀고 싶어요. 집 근처에는 한국 가게 있어서 매일 한국 음식을 사고 시장에서 가게도 많이 있어서 일찍 일어나서 시장에 음식도 먹어요. 한국 음식 만들 수 있어서 건강해요. 매일 한국 음식 사진을 찍어요. 공항 정말 안 멀어서 거러서 갈 수 있어요. 길 근처에는 숲 있어서 가방을 잃어버려서 숲에서 뛰어가고 거러서도 가고 가방 없어요. 왜 가방을 가져가요? 가방은 없어서 괜찮아요. 안 무거워요. 편한 신발을 있어서 비행기에서 좋아요.

The translation:

Mango wants to go on a trip. He can go to Korea and see new places. Korea is a fun country. Nowadays, Mango wants to learn Korean and make new Korean friends. There is a Korean shop near his house, so he buys Korean food every day and there are many shops in the market, so he gets up early and eat at the market. He’s healthy because he can make Korean food. He takes pictures of Korean food every day. The airport is really not far away so you can go on foot there. There is a forest near the road, so he lost his bag, ran, went, and still no bag. Why take your bags? There are no bags, so it’s good. It’s not heavy. He likes it on the plane because he has comfortable shoes.

  • Yeah, vocabulary usage is overwhelming! Repetitive vocabulary within a story also helps
  • It’s important not to use complex grammar constructions you are not or vaguely familiar with

If someone is wondering, as you might have noticed, I haven’t started this marathon from ground zero.

  1. I learned Korean alphabet 3 years ago.
  2. I repeated alphabet and learned some basic words and sentences 2 years ago.
  3. Seriously started learning 1 year and a half ago. But because of my wrong! optimistic focus on grammar and written language.. got demotivated and frustrated.
  4. Now for me it is reactivation and consolidation? a little remembering of what I have forgotten.
  5. I have forgotten almost everything because I never deeply learned anything. Not so profoundly.
  6. Now using new methods of memorization I really learn. I hope😅

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