Korean marathon 7 months Day 32

Sometimes it is frustrating. You learn the language in order to get included? In a culture.

Korean gender gap situation puzzles me. Yet there is everything for women. But still some invisible obstacles weigh them down. It is their mentality? I live in a European part of Russia in a provincial area. I know what provincial mentality is. And you get provincial mentality from here and intensify several times. And you get a Korean woman. Very traditional. Majority?

Haven’t they watched Xena: Warrior Princess, Kim Possible cartoon, Alias TV show, Lara Croft? What else?

A really educated and science-oriented Korean girl. My question: How have you been? Her answer: I just want to get married.

I needed to remember the word heavy in Korean 무거워요 mugeowoyo. “Mu” is kind of a sound of a cow. And they are heavy. Cow go why? And how? It’s too heavy! 😅 Mugeowoyo 무거워요!

my drawing of a heavy cow

Approximately 720 kg!

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