Korean marathon 7 months Day 41

The most problematic issue in language learning is.. motivation. For me, as a Korean learner 😅 I don’t particularly like k-dramas and k-pop. So finding what I want to watch or read in Korean is a creative process.

Thinking about how I was learning English and Slovene. There is a particular person whose videos I watched quite often. It is Slavoj Žižek, a Slovene philosopher. With his lectures I advanced my English and got the motivation to learn Slovene. I’m practically in love with this person. And learning (not learning but having intellectual joy) with his philosophical YouTube lectures wasn’t a punishment. So, what do I love in Korean culture? The closest thing is, unfortunately, Japanese. An anime cartoon (it was just a cartoon back then) Sailor Moon.

Everyday conversations, easy language? It’s better than watching Peppa Pig!

Another idea is to learn with Korean manga 만화. Lots of pictures, not a lot of text:)

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