Korean marathon 7+ months Day 48

Today I read all my Korean marathon posts just to analyze the “techniques”, which were quite useful!

That was holidays! I went to Ekaterinburg, the city on the border of Siberia, right between Europe and Asia. It’s a great opportunity to describe holidays in Korean 🙂

좋은 여행을 있었어요! 친구랑 같이 도시에서 많이 산책하고 멋있는 도시 풍경을 봤어요. 친구의 집에서 정말 맛있는 음식 있어요. 도시에서 강 있어서 많이 저기 가고 재미있는 것을 했어요. 아주 피곤했어요!

Had great holidays! I walked a lot in the city with a friend and saw the stunning cityscape. We’ve got really good food at a friend’s house. There is a river in the city so we went over there a lot and did interesting things. We were very tired!

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