English word formation Science and Technology

Here is a word formation mind map useful for science and technology topics in exams such as FCE and CAE and more! Science and technology word formation table excite excitement, exciting excited observe observation, observer, observant, observatory, observational entire entirely, entirety likely unlikely, likelihood, likewise disappoint disappointed, disappointment boil boiler, boiling, boiled chemist chemical, chemistry,Continue reading “English word formation Science and Technology”

9 Creative and Interactive Resources for Teaching English Online

What is interactivity and creativity when teaching online? Discover more free tools, ideas and activities for your online English classes!

Speaking club

What is speaking club? On the basis of our school, we organized a conversation club for those who want to discuss some hot topics. The conversation club holds an online conference once a month.Duration : 1 to 3 hours. Each time its own theme. Here are the topics of future conferences of the conversation club:Continue reading “Speaking club”