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Cork Irish travel video&text

ESL video travelling elementary + lesson! Practice listening, speaking and reading with vocabulary interactive exercise and the text!

Costa Rica travel video&text

A rich vocabulary lesson! Teach intermediate+ students with Costa Rica travel topic! Listening, reading, interactive exercise

Mykonos Greece video&text

Enjoy this amazing island 🏝 and teach students some travel vocabulary with video and interactive exercises!

My favorite places in London video&text

Teach elementary+ students speaking about their favorite places in town! Listening and reading activities. Customize the ESL video lesson! Choose and teach the vocabulary students may find useful!

City or countryside? video&text

Teach teens and adults with City/Country ESL video lesson. Do an interactive vocabulary exercise or read the text! For elementary students

Fermented foods video&text

Health and food ESL video lesson 😋🥗Teach new real life vocabulary. Reading and listening activities for pre-intermediate+ students!

Faroe islands video&text

Teach speaking and vocabulary about travelling to the islands! Interactive exercises, text for reading. For elementary, pre-intermediate students

Sahara desert video&text

Learn about the Sahara desert with ESL video lesson! Easily teach your students vocabulary with interactive exercise! Read and listen to the text. For elementary, pre-intermediate students.

Grocery store secrets video&text

Discover shopping secrets with new ESL video. Teach vocabulary with audio and interactive exercises. Listen to and read the text! For pre-intermediate+ students

Things from the past video&text

Nostalgia lesson plan to teach your students some unique vocabulary phrases! They can listen and then read a text and do ESL audio exercise. Tailor this lesson for the needs of your students! Plenty of room for discussion! Elementary + level.

Edible weeds video&text

Surprising food ESL lesson plan! Listen and read about your garden weeds and learn valuable vocabulary with interactive exercise. For intermediate + students

The future of humans ESL video lesson

Learn and speak about the future of humans predictions with the esl video lesson plan! Discuss, do exercises, watch videos and answer questions about the future!

Age ESL video lesson

Learn English with speaking about age issues! Watch a video, do exercises and discuss with esl video lesson plan about aging.

Learn English video lessons Movies elementary+

Study English as if watching TV with interesting, short YouTube videos. Topic: Talking about Films and Movies, your favorite movie, types of films vocabulary. For elementary+ students. And there is Shrek!

Making decisions esl video lesson

A psychology connected ESL video lesson plan on making decisions. Discover new ways to make decisions and discuss with questions and speaking activities with pictures! Learn how to make faster decisions and reduce stress!

Clothes and fashion esl video for speaking

Speak about your fashion style and clothes with the ESL video lesson plan. Do interactive and listening exercises and read a text about clothes. For elementary and pre-intermediate students

Music performance speaking video lesson

Speak about your favorite band and music concert you ever been to! Learn how to talk about the best performance you ever seen with this ESL video lesson plan. Interactive video listening exercises, discussion questions and key vocabulary for elementary and pre-intermediate students!

Favorite and comfort food video lesson with Tyra Banks

What’s your favorite cuisine? Speak and learn new vocabulary with an ESL food video lesson plan with interactive exercises and Tyra Banks! Talk about comfort foods and cooking with discussion questions. For elementary and pre-intermediate levels.

Esl global problems video lessons interactive

People all over the world are racking their brains trying to solve global problems. How can you help? Learn vocabulary about social problems and global issues with interactive video lessons and exercises for elementary, intermediate and advanced learners.

Unhealthy foods English esl video lesson

What is processed and unhealthy food? Find out in this esl video lesson plan. Share your opinion answering questions and do video exercises about ultra-processed food.

English esl video lesson Future food

What our food of the future will be like? Find out in this esl video lesson plan. Share your opinion answering questions and do interactive video exercises about future food.

English speaking describe your goals

How do you talk about goals in English? Learn how to speak about your goals, dreams and plans with a video example and vocabulary! What kinds of goals can you name?

English speaking describe daily housework

Learn how to talk about daily chores in English and find out with this lesson plan how robots can help you with different kind of domestic chores. And do interactive exercise!

Esl English listening Traditions

Learn English with listening to a dialogue about traditions in China and other cultures! And do listening comprehension exercises.

English esl Paranormal listening

Have you ever experienced paranormal phenomena? What was it? Learn English vocabulary with Paranormal listening lesson plan, exercises and more! Great for Halloween esl activities and reading!

English esl superstitions listening

Learn more about common English superstitions with an esl listening lesson plan and funny video and audio exercises. And learn new vocabulary!

How to impress clients English vocabulary

Learn natural English vocabulary to talk about how to impress (woo) clients. Awesome phrases for business vocabulary👩‍💼👨‍💼 Do you have to impress someone in your life? How do you do it?

Travelling elementary video exercises⛵

Learn elementary vocabulary about travelling with video and listening ESL activities! Practice speaking, read simple texts and do interactive exercises. Have fun!

English IELTS vocabulary your favorite Restaurant

Learn English vocabulary to speak about your favorite restaurant or a restaurant you’ve been to recently with listening and vocabulary exercises! Great vocabulary for IELTS speaking cue cards and essays!


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