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English vocabulary

Leaf, Earth, two women, plant

Esl global problems video lessons interactive

People all over the world are racking their brains trying to solve global problems. How can you help? Learn vocabulary about social problems and global issues with interactive video lessons and exercises for elementary, intermediate and advanced learners.

Woman, butterfly, cocktail, paper, grass, tree, lab

English esl video lesson Future food

What our food of the future will be like? Find out in this esl video lesson plan. Share your opinion answering questions and do interactive video exercises about future food.

rooms in a house

English for kids house

Garage Bathroom Living roomKitchen Bedroom Dining room Practice rooms in a house with this exercise and ordinal numbers here Exercises for Spotlight 5 Module 3 a,b

English elementary vocabulary Travelling⛵

Exams or just a necessity to understand at least some English while studying or during travelling make us to continue learning English🇬🇧 Here is some basic, elementary vocabulary about travelling.

A pink cup, thumbs up

English IELTS vocabulary your favorite Restaurant

Learn English vocabulary to speak about your favorite restaurant or a restaurant you’ve been to recently with listening and vocabulary exercises! Great vocabulary for IELTS speaking cue cards and essays!

English word formation Science and Technology

Here is a word formation mind map useful for science and technology topics in exams such as FCE and CAE and more! Science and technology word formation table excite excitement, exciting excited observe observation, observer, observant, observatory, observational entire entirely, entirety likely unlikely, likelihood, likewise disappoint disappointed, disappointment boil boiler, boiling, boiled chemist chemical, chemistry,Continue reading “English word formation Science and Technology”


macbook pro on brown wooden table

English speaking describe daily housework

Learn how to talk about daily chores in English and find out with this lesson plan how robots can help you with different kind of domestic chores. And do interactive exercise!

ufo, British flag,ghost

English esl Paranormal listening

Have you ever experienced paranormal phenomena? What was it? Learn English vocabulary with Paranormal listening lesson plan, exercises and more!

Flowers and a book

How to impress clients English vocabulary

Learn natural English vocabulary to talk about how to impress (woo) clients. Awesome phrases for business vocabulary👩‍💼👨‍💼 Do you have to impress someone in your life? How do you do it?

Pronunciation rules “Go full Hamilton”

Learn pronunciation rules in English with a text about a famous performance “Hamilton”! Speak about a worth watching performance or a performance
you recently watched with the help of a video exercise. Great for IELTS speaking practice!

Improve your English listening

Find out about easy to listen English videos from beginner level and up! Watch natural daily conversations to improve your listening and speaking 🎧

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Learn English listening to a podcast!

Lesson planning for ESL/ESOL teachers. Boost creativity and interactivity for online teaching Learn English

A lesson plan for Esl/esol classes has a logical structure starting with a warmer, intro to a topic, activation of previous knowledge. pre-teaching of some vocabulary or grammar ( 3–5 items, if necessary). Ask questions, explain meaning of words/grammar within a context, practice pronunciation, check understanding, write and show other forms of a word/grammar, highlight phonology Presentation of a text, audio, video or a picture. Simple gist question, following some specific questions about the material Controlled practice. Check understanding of the material/vocabulary or grammar rules. The examples are gap-fill exercises, true or false, etc. Freer practice. Here students should use their own ideas within the specific context. For example, complete sentences with your ideas, describe the picture relevant to target vocabulary/grammar Production, the final step. It is usually expressing an opinion about the topic, advice, prediction. You can tell your students your own opinion before the task as an example. Don't forget to use target language. Special questions including target language can be formed to start a discussion. It is a standard lesson plan using the traditional model PPP (presentation, practice, production) and CELTA methodology. More suitable for beginners, elementary and intermediate learners. You can find the examples of the video lesson plans using this model on my website. There are lesson plans for elementary, pre-intermediate and intermediate learners. Topics include health, food, character and personality, daily life, social issues, culture, business vocabulary, IELTS preparation. Problem is where to have a learning space for online lessons  -platforms: zoom, Google, etc.  Why not to make lessons, use, reuse and make available for thousands of people  Everything is on one page. -blogs, website, Google slides, padlet youtube, and even a podcast All of these platforms have their share of interactivity. My choice is a website with lots of tools: videos, tests, audios and text can be all on one single page.  If you buy a website address (domain) it will be your forever, although with platforms which are not yours, your content can be removed and you cannot actually own 100% of your content. What is interactivity online When we think about interactivity, first thing i think is interactive exercises. Where I can click and move things with my finger and of course auto check. What I think about interactivity is really about getting students engaged via communication,  visuals,  constantly activate students, besides just interactive exercises  Creativity and interactivity when teaching online: should be mostly about (go to the outside world), and communication with people especially for adults and more confident learners Communicating with other people: Facebook and YouTube (sending posts and comments  Comment youtube videos Ask instagram followers Real-time interaction Discussion boards During an online lesson interactivity can be facilitated with  Clicking on Links Tests Games Games: role play, play a famous person  Board games Jam board, miro board Padlet Pinterest How to expand creativity To try something new  Flip lessons  Give them a choice Encourage autonomy  Incorporate their interests  Inconventional learning materials: youtube comments, cafe reviews on Facebook, shopping websites, blogs, ask a blogger for audio on their piece
  1. Lesson planning for ESL/ESOL teachers. Boost creativity and interactivity for online teaching
  2. My favorite and comfort food video lesson with exercises
  3. English Paranormal with Jessica Chastain celebrity interview
  4. World War two Christmas ornaments
  5. Korean grape

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