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English vocabulary

BTS, heart-shaped glasses, cassette

Clothes and fashion esl video for speaking

Speak about your fashion style and clothes with the ESL video lesson plan. Do interactive and listening exercises and read a text about clothes. For elementary and pre-intermediate students

Tyra Banks, sandwich, coffee, pizza, bagel

Favorite and comfort food video lesson with Tyra Banks

What’s your favorite cuisine? Speak and learn new vocabulary with an ESL food video lesson plan with interactive exercises and Tyra Banks! Talk about comfort foods and cooking with discussion questions. For elementary and pre-intermediate levels.

Leaf, Earth, two women, plant

Esl global problems video lessons interactive

People all over the world are racking their brains trying to solve global problems. How can you help? Learn vocabulary about social problems and global issues with interactive video lessons and exercises for elementary, intermediate and advanced learners.

Unhealthy foods English esl video lesson

What is processed and unhealthy food? Find out in this esl video lesson plan. Share your opinion answering questions and do video exercises about ultra-processed food.

Woman, butterfly, cocktail, paper, grass, tree, lab

English esl video lesson Future food

What our food of the future will be like? Find out in this esl video lesson plan. Share your opinion answering questions and do interactive video exercises about future food.

cup, money, house

English speaking describe your goals

How do you talk about goals in English? Learn how to speak about your goals, dreams and plans with a video example and vocabulary! What kinds of goals can you name?

rooms in a house

English for kids house

Garage Bathroom Living roomKitchen Bedroom Dining room Practice rooms in a house with this exercise and ordinal numbers here Exercises for Spotlight 5 Module 3 a,b

A pink cup, thumbs up

English IELTS vocabulary your favorite Restaurant

Learn English vocabulary to speak about your favorite restaurant or a restaurant you’ve been to recently with listening and vocabulary exercises! Great vocabulary for IELTS speaking cue cards and essays!

English word formation Science and Technology

Here is a word formation mind map useful for science and technology topics in exams such as FCE and CAE and more! Science and technology word formation table excite excitement, exciting excited observe observation, observer, observant, observatory, observational entire entirely, entirety likely unlikely, likelihood, likewise disappoint disappointed, disappointment boil boiler, boiling, boiled chemist chemical, chemistry,Continue reading “English word formation Science and Technology”


Guitar, concert, cassette, boombox

Music performance speaking video lesson

Speak about your favorite band and music concert you ever been to! Learn how to talk about the best performance you ever seen with this ESL video lesson plan. Interactive video listening exercises, discussion questions and key vocabulary for elementary and pre-intermediate students!

macbook pro on brown wooden table

English speaking describe daily housework

Learn how to talk about daily chores in English and find out with this lesson plan how robots can help you with different kind of domestic chores. And do interactive exercise!

ufo, British flag,ghost

English esl Paranormal listening

Have you ever experienced paranormal phenomena? What was it? Learn English vocabulary with Paranormal listening lesson plan, exercises and more! Great for Halloween esl activities and reading!

Flowers and a book

How to impress clients English vocabulary

Learn natural English vocabulary to talk about how to impress (woo) clients. Awesome phrases for business vocabulary👩‍💼👨‍💼 Do you have to impress someone in your life? How do you do it?

Pronunciation rules “Go full Hamilton”

Learn pronunciation rules in English with a text about a famous performance “Hamilton”! Speak about a worth watching performance or a performance
you recently watched with the help of a video exercise. Great for IELTS speaking practice!

Improve your English listening

Find out about easy to listen English videos from beginner level and up! Watch natural daily conversations to improve your listening and speaking 🎧

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Learn English listening to a podcast!

How to make faster decisions ESL lesson elementary Learn English

Full lesson with vocabulary, video and exercises at: https://pnesterova.com/2021/09/20/decisions-video-lesson/ The audio is from a YouTube video Alan uses live listening: https://youtu.be/cv_cLwHGcyI Decision making text The same decisions The topic of this lecture is decision-making. How do people make decisions. And the best way I think to make decisions that’s what the lecture is about. Yes, now I think that it’s not possible it’s just impossible to get all the information you need to make a decision. But I think it’s only possible to get about 20% 30% of the information. The second thing is as we grow up, as we go from child to adult we get conditioned from our parents, from our schools, from the government. We get to think in a certain way. And we get to like some things and not like some things. You’re different from me because of where you came from. And because of this it’s very difficult to make decisions in a different way. You’ll tend to make the decisions in the same way. New decisions So I don’t know if you agree with me or not, but I think that making decisions rationally or intuitively is a waste of time. First of all, the problem is that you’re in a rut. You’re kind of conditioned. So how can you get out of the rut and make different decisions. It’s one problem. How it’s very easy instead of making rational decisions you make decisions by chance. You let chance make decisions for you. And it’s very easy way of doing this and that’s to use this. It’s easy Okay here are my reasons for doing this. First of all, it’s quick and it’s easy. Second, it’s not stressful. Ordinary decision making is very stressful. It takes a long time. Oh, shall I not go? What should I do? Very stressful bad for your heart, isn’t it? So it’s quick, it’s not stressful. And it’s possible that you can do something that you would never have done before. Life is dangerous anyway. Pure chance Your life is decided by chance anyway. The people you meet, you meet by chance. I met my girlfriend and my wife by chance and it changed my life this way. I could have met somebody else and I could have changed that way. It was pure chance that I met her at that time. Most of the things that happened to us are chance. So why not use chance to make decisions. In control of your life? Well why not? Good question, isn’t it? Why not is because most of us want to believe that we are deciding. You want to believe that you’re you’re deciding what to do, don’t you? You want to believe that you’re in control of your life. Actually you are not. So accept it and throw the dice. More ESL video lessons on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/engpnesterova/
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