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Slovene grammar

Mongolian rat gerbil and a sugar glider(flying squirrel)

Slovene comparative adjectives animals

I wouldn’t say that we just simply add something and we have a Slovene comparative form, but that just wouldn’t be Slovene😁. Let’s compare some exotic animals: sugar glider from Australia (sladkosneda poletuša vrečarica) and a gerbil (a little rat, in Slovene mongolska puščavska podgana, I will call just gerbil😜) from Mongolia and learn some […]

A bike, a rocket and a witch flying on a broom

Word order/clitics in Slovene

All those short grammar words like si, se, ga, je are clitics. Slovene as a slavic language has sometimes! flexible word order but it is not this case😊 The table shows correct word order of clitics probably the most complex part of the language. As I see it, there is difference between word order in […]

A white mug with slovene skloni print

Slovene skloni mug

Frustrated by constant difficulty in remembering some basic grammar material, I was inspired to take matters in my own hands! Feel free to use this design to print on your mugs or create your own! ☕ It can be a stylish gift 🎁for a slovene learner too 🙂 This creation combines people from three countries. […]

Slovene vocabulary

Slovene English watch

Slovene – English Conni Kaja watch and learn

Learn Slovene with a bilingual cartoon Conni full of everyday conversations. At first, watch in Slovene and then in English or vice versa! Cartoons are not only for adults! 🤾 Kaja se uči peči Speči sam(a) Narediti morava še testo pripraviš moko potrebujem veliko plastično skledo Kaj se je zgodilo? imet mora sobno temperaturo še […]

Slovene listening and reading Zakleti Zaklad Part 2

Learn Slovene while listening to a purely Slovene fairy tale Haunted Treasure (pravljica Zakleti Zaklad Part 2) And then try reading! Read some vocabulary first! dremaž orjak stopnice Poslušajte. Zakaj berač se je jezil? Grofinja je planila iz dremaža, uzrla je berača in se ujezila: » Še prevrtanega centa ne dobiš! Poberi se izpred mojega praga! […]

a bear, a fairy and spring

Slovene reading Medvedek in pomladna vila – pravljica

Listen and read in Slovene with word stress! Medvedek in pomladna vila – The little bear and a spring fairy is a contemporary Slovene fairy tale written by Zdenka Obal, a Slovenian author. Happy reading! 😀 Key expressions Poln pričakovanja je stekel iz brloga – Full of anticipation, he ran out of the den Pomladna […]

Slovene listening and reading pravljica Zakleti Zaklad Part 1

Learn Slovene while listening to a purely Slovene fairy tale Haunted Treasure (pravljica Zakleti Zaklad) And then try reading! In the video me and my study buddy😜 Besednjak Zaklad – treasure Klet – basement Berač – beggar Poslušajte. Koliko so junakov v pravljici? Živela je grofinja, od sile bogata, še bolj pa skopa. Imela je […]

Learn 9 Slovene nature phrases with Moana song

Learning while singing in Slovene is a fun way to learn the language. Listen to the song and then sing along and do a gap-fill exercise. Let’s karaoke! 👩‍🎤👨‍🎤 Key vocabulary from Moana song vsaka steza – every path jadro – sail otok – island na robu morja at the edge of the sea vsaka […]

Hawaiian shirt, hoodie, a cat

Slovene clothes listening Oblačila

Learn some clothes (oblačila) in Slovene, do a listening exercise and watch a Slovenian cartoon! Besednjak Havájska srajca Majica s kapúco prerasti (preraščati) oblačila Poslušajte. Kaj je narobe s hlačami Kaje? Oblačila Kaja Full text download doc What proverbs about clothes are common in your culture? How to say them in Slovene? Learn more with […]

Hand-drawn naked king and two con artists

Slovene reading Cesarjeva nova oblačila

Let’s read fairy tales🧚‍♀️! “The Emperor’s New Clothes” by Hans Christian Andersen is something you already know in your native language and it will be easier to read in Slovene! You can download📲 the full text of the fairy tale “Cesarjeva nova oblačila” and hear a native Slovene speaker🎧 read the full fairy tale!👇

Slovene Mesto ali podeželje?

Kje živeti? V mestu ali na podeželju?
Find here a Slovene vocabulary list about life in the city and in the countryside and do some useful Quizlet exercises!

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My Quizlet Slovene thematic vocabulary