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Here you can read about my Slovene learning process and have useful study materials!

Slovene grammar

A white mug with slovene skloni print

Slovene skloni mug

Frustrated by constant difficulty in remembering some basic grammar material, I was inspired to take matters in my own hands! Feel free to use this design to print on your mugs or create your own! ☕ It can be a stylish gift 🎁for a slovene learner too 🙂 This creation combines people from three countries.Continue reading “Slovene skloni mug”

Slovene vocabulary

Hand-drawn naked king and two con artists

Slovene reading Cesarjeva nova oblačila

Let’s read fairy tales🧚‍♀️! “The Emperor’s New Clothes” by Hans Christian Andersen is something you already know in your native language and it will be easier to read in Slovene! You can download📲 the full text of the fairy tale “Cesarjeva nova oblačila” and hear a native Slovene speaker🎧 read the full fairy tale!👇

Slovene Mesto ali podeželje?

Kje živeti? V mestu ali na podeželju?
Find here a Slovene vocabulary list about life in the city and in the countryside and do some useful Quizlet exercises!

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My Quizlet Slovene thematic vocabulary

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