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We offer lessons for any age and level. Cutting-edge resources and lots of speaking practice will make lessons captivating and fun.

Conversational Slovene video course

Coming soon! For now find Slovene learning resources on our website! Speaking practice is essential for building confidence in your abilities and improvement of language skills.

Korean for everyday use

Learn Korean with professional, native speaker linguists.

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English for everyday use, exams (FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS). During a lesson various interactive materials are used. Fun and interesting exercises will keep you focused and bring excellent results!

Уроки английского для русскоговорящих тут

How our lessons can improve your language skills

The use of various interactive materials

The modern internet era and online education requires addition interactivity for the lessons, especially for kids. It includes online games, tests, interactive videos and many more.

Focus on authentic language

Most of school textbooks and material on websites may be unnatural and not used in real life conversations. In my lessons I focus on authentic vocabulary and grammar used in English today.

Lifetime access

All resources from the lessons you can download and keep for further review any time and do additional exercises.

Polina is a good educator. Our goal was to improve grammar and she helped me to clarify some aspects I had not understood before. The lessons were very useful.


We needed to work mostly on English homework. Also, Polina added her own material too. Everything was amazing. Grammar rules were explained clearly and easy to understand. There is a good rapport with the teacher. We will continue working with Polina.


Let’s make something beautiful together.

Let’s speak fluently in English!

See you at my lessons:)

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