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We offer lessons for any age and level. Cutting-edge resources and lots of speaking practice will make lessons captivating and fun.

How long are the lessons

A standard lesson lasts for one hour but it can be prolonged if needed. During a lesson we do various exercises focused on different language aspects such as speaking, listening, grammar and reading.


The payment is made before each lesson through a secure payment system on the website.

Languages for kids
15 USD
  • 60 min
For exams/ everyday use
20 USD
  • 60 min

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To learn more about the lessons and fees or book a free 15 min trail lesson, please, contact me via the form below

Learn languages on my website! There are lots of interesting posts about studying English🇬🇧 Slovene🇸🇮 and Korean🇰🇷

Polina is a good educator. Our goal was to improve grammar and she helped me to clarify some aspects I had not understood before. The lessons were very useful.


We needed to work mostly on English homework. Also, Polina added her own material too. Everything was amazing. Grammar rules were explained clearly and easy to understand. There is a good rapport with the teacher. We will continue working with Polina.


Let’s make something beautiful together.

Let’s speak fluently!

See you at our lessons:)