English speaking describe plans

I’ll hurry and get all this stuff done. My sister is going to lend me her car. Anytime Listen. Why are Dan and Mike having a party? How are Doug and Carlos going to get there? English speaking describe plans Text doc Are you planning to open a coffee shop in the future? What skillsContinue reading “English speaking describe plans”

English listening Futurologist’s predictions

People will store their minds on the computers in the future Brain transplants We have our limits as humans Listen. Does the futurologist think these things are probable or not probable? Can people live more than 100 years? Learn more vocabulary to speak about life expectancy and technological predictions!

English speaking Predictions about the Future

And what kind of fuels will they use? They’ll likely be using hydrogen We’re working on zero emission cars Listen. What will be driving cars in the future? Future predictions Text doc extra sentences What do you think homes of the future will be like? Do you think people will contact aliens in the future?Continue reading “English speaking Predictions about the Future”

Slovene reading Medvedek in pomladna vila – pravljica

Listen and read in Slovene with word stress! Medvedek in pomladna vila – The little bear and a spring fairy is a contemporary Slovene fairy tale written by Zdenka Obal, a Slovenian author. Happy reading! 😀 Poln pričakovanja je stekel iz brloga – Full of anticipation, he ran out of the den Pomladna vila muContinue reading “Slovene reading Medvedek in pomladna vila – pravljica”

About awesome Slovenian meat in Korean.

찬 날씨가 추울 때 러시아에서 고기를 먹는 경우가 많아요. 고기를 먹은 후에 건강이 나빠 져요. 두부를 매일 먹을래요. 하지만 알레르기가 있어요. 채식이 했었지만 슬로베니아에서 포기해요. 저기 고기는 정말 맛있어요! 고기를 매일 먹을래요. 사진의 음식은 체바피예요. When cold weather is cold, meat is often eaten in Russia. My health deteriorated after eating meat. I would eatContinue reading “About awesome Slovenian meat in Korean.”

English speaking work idioms

Learn natural English vocabulary to talk about how to explain work-related idioms. Awesome phrases for speaking. Look at work idioms below. What do you think they mean? work like a dog work out work the system work your socks off In the video Maria is explaining the idiom “Jack of all trades, master of none.”Continue reading “English speaking work idioms”

Slovene listening and reading pravljica Zakleti Zaklad Part 1

Learn Slovene while listening to a purely Slovene fairy tale Haunted Treasure (pravljica Zakleti Zaklad) And then try reading! In the video me and my study buddy😜 Zaklad – treasure Klet – basement Berač – beggar Poslušajte. Koliko so junakov v pravljici? Živela je grofinja, od sile bogata, še bolj pa skopa. Imela je triContinue reading “Slovene listening and reading pravljica Zakleti Zaklad Part 1”

Learn Slovene with Moana song

Learning while singing in Slovene is a fun way to learn the language. Listen to the song and then sing along and do a gap-fill exercise. Let’s karaoke! 👩‍🎤👨‍🎤 vsaka steza – every path jadro – sail otok – island Learn Slovene with a gap-fill interactive exercise while listening to a song from Moana animatedContinue reading “Learn Slovene with Moana song”

Urban decay

Enclosure and bustle of the city area are some of the snags of any urban lifestyle. We cannot feel at ease even in smaller cities. Human spirit calls for the greater outdoors. Consequently, urban decay is probably an inevitable part of the future. Urban lifestyle deteriorates due to overwhelming influx of people, high pollution levels,Continue reading “Urban decay”