Korean marathon 7 months Day 12

Finally found the whole? list of memorization methods. It not an easy job to remember. I thought I could just encounter a word about seven times and it will be in my memory forever. But no. Just the collection of sounds doesn’t stick to the brain easily. You have to create meaningful associations, which couldContinue reading “Korean marathon 7 months Day 12”

Korean marathon 7 months Day 11

Just recycling some videos from previous days an two more videos, which don’t want to stick.😅At the same time thinking how to make learning more entertaining and new. Sometimes there is a feeling that if a language is difficult, also the learning process should not be fun. I will try to explore new opportunities toContinue reading “Korean marathon 7 months Day 11”

Korean marathon 7 months Day 10

I was thinking why it is difficult sometimes to remember new vocabulary. In my Korean study videos there are pictures, dialogues with actors, sentences. But there is no story! Something out of context is difficult to follow and I can’t remain focused. Not 4 hours a day today. Barely two. Review of old videos. Listening.Continue reading “Korean marathon 7 months Day 10”

Korean marathon 7 months Day 9

First of all, as I told you on day 7 language exchange has to happen today. I’m really happy I tried it! It must be easier to remember vocabulary if you use it during conversations! Just one video today mostly focus on reviewing. Teaching your target language is a good way to remember and analyzeContinue reading “Korean marathon 7 months Day 9”

Korean marathon 7 months Day 7

I’m doing an online course on how to learn a language and it wad strongly recommended to find a language exchange partner and practice at least twice a week. So yesterday I wrote to a Facebook exchange group and for the weekend I have two sessions planned. I’m wondering how effective it can be. MyContinue reading “Korean marathon 7 months Day 7”

Korean marathon 7 months Day 5

Today a little review day. I’ll rewatch videos and do some translation exercises. Old-fashioned, but keeps you focused on the language. Music: library, fireplace, pencil sounds Aroma: vanilla aroma oil Today’s video is kind of a lazy one. When a teacher speaks two languages and gives translation of phrases. Not ideal for learning but goodContinue reading “Korean marathon 7 months Day 5”

Korean marathon 7 months Day 4

A nice exercise to practice the vocabulary you learned is to describe a picture/story, but picture is supposed to be interesting and in the middle of action! I’m thinking about using comics to make stories with “new and old words”. Music: lake, nature sounds Tiredness: 8 out of 10 but frustration and anger is notContinue reading “Korean marathon 7 months Day 4”

Korean marathon 7 months Day 3

Three videos today but one was full of vocabulary I will barely need. Music: rain and TV background Pages: 5 pages, all in pencil Aroma: lemongrass, orange aroma oil At first I just watch video. Then I watch again and repeat after them. The third step is to watch again and write all important phrasesContinue reading “Korean marathon 7 months Day 3”