Slovene reading Medvedek in pomladna vila – pravljica

Listen and read in Slovene with word stress! Medvedek in pomladna vila – The little bear and a spring fairy is a contemporary Slovene fairy tale written by Zdenka Obal, a Slovenian author. Happy reading! 😀 Key expressions Poln pričakovanja je stekel iz brloga – Full of anticipation, he ran out of the den PomladnaContinue reading “Slovene reading Medvedek in pomladna vila – pravljica”

15 English work and people at work idioms

Learn natural Business English vocabulary to talk about work-related idioms and expressions. Awesome phrases for speaking. Idioms with work Look at work idioms below. What do you think they mean? work like a dog work out work the system work your socks off Complete the sentences with work-related idioms: When you work __ and workContinue reading “15 English work and people at work idioms”

Slovene listening and reading pravljica Zakleti Zaklad Part 1

Learn Slovene while listening to a purely Slovene fairy tale Haunted Treasure (pravljica Zakleti Zaklad) And then try reading! In the video me and my study buddy😜 Zaklad – treasure Klet – basement Berač – beggar Poslušajte. Koliko so junakov v pravljici? Živela je grofinja, od sile bogata, še bolj pa skopa. Imela je triContinue reading “Slovene listening and reading pravljica Zakleti Zaklad Part 1”

Learn 9 Slovene nature phrases with Moana song

Learning while singing in Slovene is a fun way to learn the language. Listen to the song and then sing along and do a gap-fill exercise. Let’s karaoke! 👩‍🎤👨‍🎤 Key vocabulary from Moana song vsaka steza – every path jadro – sail otok – island na robu morja at the edge of the sea vsakaContinue reading “Learn 9 Slovene nature phrases with Moana song”

Slovene clothes listening Oblačila

Learn some clothes (oblačila) in Slovene, do a listening exercise and watch a Slovenian cartoon! Havájska srajca Majica s kapúco prerasti (preraščati) oblačila Poslušajte. Kaj je narobe s hlačami Kaje? Oblačila Kaja Full text download doc What proverbs about clothes are common in your culture? How to say them in Slovene? Learn more Clothes inContinue reading “Slovene clothes listening Oblačila”

The importance of communication. Multicultural advice.

The courage to ask awkward questions. Selfishness or a habit? During intercultural communication we are in constant pursue of the uncertainty about our own cultural grasp of the situation and either we are perceived correctly, and we haven’t offended anybody. To be on the safe side, in order not to offend anyone unintentionally or inContinue reading “The importance of communication. Multicultural advice.”