English speaking describe plans

I’ll hurry and get all this stuff done. My sister is going to lend me her car. Anytime Listen. Why are Dan and Mike having a party? How are Doug and Carlos going to get there? English speaking describe plans Text doc Are you planning to open a coffee shop in the future? What skillsContinue reading “English speaking describe plans”

English listening Futurologist’s predictions

People will store their minds on the computers in the future Brain transplants We have our limits as humans Listen. Does the futurologist think these things are probable or not probable? Can people live more than 100 years? Learn more vocabulary to speak about life expectancy and technological predictions!

English speaking Predictions about the Future

And what kind of fuels will they use? They’ll likely be using hydrogen We’re working on zero emission cars Listen. What will be driving cars in the future? Future predictions Text doc extra sentences What do you think homes of the future will be like? Do you think people will contact aliens in the future?Continue reading “English speaking Predictions about the Future”

English speaking work idioms

Learn natural English vocabulary to talk about how to explain work-related idioms. Awesome phrases for speaking. Look at work idioms below. What do you think they mean? work like a dog work out work the system work your socks off In the video Maria is explaining the idiom “Jack of all trades, master of none.”Continue reading “English speaking work idioms”

English Paranormal listening

Complete the sentences with the correct words. It could have been a __. Birds __ in __ sometimes. It couldn’t have been birds. Birds don’t have __ attached to them! Listen. Does Nina think the lights were from a UFO? Why does Adam think it was a UFO? English listening UFO text docx Do youContinue reading “English Paranormal listening”

FCE Science and Technology multiple choice

FCE multiple choice task can be one of the most frustrating first certificate tasks ever! You have to learn lots of expressions and phrasal verbs!👩‍🎓 Here are some Science and Technology topic exercises to help you prepare for this exam. Interactive exercises Science and technology 👈 and Science and technology word formation. Phrasal verbs (scienceContinue reading “FCE Science and Technology multiple choice”

English superstitions listening

Complete the sentences with the correct words. It’s bad luck to walk under a __. It’s good luck to throw a __ in a fountain. It’s bad luck to break a __. It’s bad luck to step on a ___. Listen. How many superstitions do they talk about? Do you know these superstitions? Which pictureContinue reading “English superstitions listening”