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rooms in a house

English for kids house

Garage Bathroom Living room Kitchen Bedroom Dining room Practice rooms in a house with this exercise and ordinal numbers here Exercises for Spotlight 5 Module 3 a,b

English elementary vocabulary Travelling⛵

Exams or just a necessity to understand at least some English while studying or during travelling make us to continue learning English🇬🇧 Here is some basic, elementary vocabulary about travelling.


English listening Futurologist’s predictions

People will store their minds on the computers in the future Brain transplants We have our limits as humans Listen. Does the futurologist think these things are probable or not probable? Can people live more than 100 years? Learn more vocabulary to speak about life expectancy and technological predictions!

Flowers and a book

How to impress clients English vocabulary

Learn natural English vocabulary to talk about how to impress (woo) clients. Awesome phrases for business vocabulary👩‍💼👨‍💼 Do you have to impress someone in your life? How do you do it?

Improve your English listening

Find out about easy to listen English videos from beginner level and up! Watch natural daily conversations to improve your listening and speaking 🎧

Learn English listening to a podcast!

Met a slovenian celebrity Learn English

This episode is also available as a blog post: https://pnesterova.com/2021/01/22/met-a-slovenian-celebrity/
  1. Met a slovenian celebrity
  2. English vocabulary starting a business
  3. English vocabulary Job Skills
  4. Improve your English listening
  5. Korean linguistic circle inside view

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Urban decay

Enclosure and bustle of the city area are some of the snags of any urban lifestyle. We cannot feel at ease even in smaller cities. Human spirit calls for the greater outdoors. Consequently, urban decay is probablyContinue reading “Urban decay”


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