Slovene reading Boost your vocabulary Minimalizem

I have been reading some Slovene blogs and I find them amazing to pick up some useful vocabulary and fresh expressions. This is one of the pieces about minimalism I find inspiring and valuable. First, some slovene vocabulary to make your reading easier 🙂 vzeti v zakup to rent, lease navdihniti to inspire znebiti seContinue reading “Slovene reading Boost your vocabulary Minimalizem”

Pronunciation rules “Go full Hamilton”

Learn pronunciation rules in English with a text about a famous performance “Hamilton”! Speak about a worth watching performance or a performance
you recently watched with the help of a video exercise. Great for IELTS speaking practice!

City vs. Countryside English vocabulary

Here is an interactive exercise to boost your vocabulary for the comparison between life in the city and in the countryside. Extremely helpful for English exams such as FCE, CAE and IELTS! 👩‍🎓 City vs. country vocabulary interactive exercise City/Country vocabulary Interactive click on the picture👇 🔮 More city and country life vocabulary I guessContinue reading “City vs. Countryside English vocabulary”