Learn Korean with videos elementary grammar and vocabulary Part 2

Learning languages with YouTube playlists is a common practice now. Here are most successful video courses for archiving korean elementary level online via videos. The courses cover grammar as well as some vocabulary. Sejong Korean basic and elementary grammar and vocabulary Appealing videos with great visual explanation and subtitles in Korean! My learn korean elemantaryContinue reading “Learn Korean with videos elementary grammar and vocabulary Part 2”

How to learn Korean with videos Part 1

In this post I will focus on learning Korean with videos as we live in the modern age and paper dictionaries and textbooks are quite out-dated (but! still might be useful)
After learning hangul with apps and with a hangul workbook, I learnt some basic words, pronunciation rules, simple grammar via youtube videos. And then the fun started! Luckily, I found some fun videos for beginners, watched them and then rewatched the next day. When I finished a block, I reviewed it from the beginning…