Slovene listening and reading pravljica Zakleti Zaklad Part 1

Learn Slovene while listening to a purely Slovene fairy tale Haunted Treasure (pravljica Zakleti Zaklad) And then try reading! In the video me and my study buddy😜 Zaklad – treasure Klet – basement Berač – beggar Poslušajte. Koliko so junakov v pravljici? Živela je grofinja, od sile bogata, še bolj pa skopa. Imela je triContinue reading “Slovene listening and reading pravljica Zakleti Zaklad Part 1”

Slovene reading Boost your vocabulary Minimalizem

I have been reading some Slovene blogs and I find them amazing to pick up some useful vocabulary and fresh expressions. This is one of the pieces I find inspiring and valuable. First, some slovene vocabulary to make your reading easier:) vzeti v zakup – to rent navdihniti – to inspire znebiti – to getContinue reading “Slovene reading Boost your vocabulary Minimalizem”

Slovene reading Mala rdeča kokoška – pravljica

Here is another fairy tale to learn Slovene while reading and listening to the audio. Mala rdeča kokoška – The Little Red Hen has many different versions with other animals too, such as a pig, a rat, a dog and a cat. This version is with a goose and a duck. Enjoy! pšenično zrno –Continue reading “Slovene reading Mala rdeča kokoška – pravljica”

Slovene reading Cesarjeva nova oblačila

Let’s read fairy tales🧚‍♀️! “The Emperor’s New Clothes” by Hans Christian Andersen is something you already know in your native language and it will be easier to read in Slovene! You can download📲 the full text of the fairy tale “Cesarjeva nova oblačila” and hear a native Slovene speaker🎧 read the full fairy tale!👇