About awesome Slovenian meat in Korean.

찬 날씨가 추울 때 러시아에서 고기를 먹는 경우가 많아요. 고기를 먹은 후에 건강이 나빠 져요. 두부를 매일 먹을래요. 하지만 알레르기가 있어요. 채식이 했었지만 슬로베니아에서 포기해요. 저기 고기는 정말 맛있어요! 고기를 매일 먹을래요. 사진의 음식은 체바피예요. When cold weather is cold, meat is often eaten in Russia. My health deteriorated after eating meat. I would eatContinue reading “About awesome Slovenian meat in Korean.”

Met a slovenian celebrity

Once upon a time when I was living in Slovenia and I met a local celebrity. We had arranged to meet with my friend behind a popular concert hall. Our plan was to go to a well-known karaoke bar. Surprisingly, some vocal qualities of a guy almost dancing next to us drew our attention. He wasContinue reading “Met a slovenian celebrity”

Slovenia or Korea? 슬로베니아나 한국?

Here is a Korean lesson with a little text I wrote about my experience while in Slovenia and Korea. 휴가 – holidays 문화 – culture 풍경 – scenery 슬로베니아나 한국?다음 휴가에 여행을 가고 싶은데 한국에 나 슬로베니아 환상적이겠어요.저는 지난 연휴 때 한국에서 보내기는 했어요.그런데 자주 기분이 외로웠는데 한국 음식하고 문화는 인상적였어요.나라마다 좋은 것과 나쁜 면이Continue reading “Slovenia or Korea? 슬로베니아나 한국?”

Why the Slovene language

There’s one question everyone keeps asking after my first trip to Slovenia. And that question is, how did you come up with the idea to go there? So, I’d like to tell you a story about it. It all started in summer of 2017. I was hanging out in our living room, and my parentsContinue reading “Why the Slovene language”