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Slovene, Korean lessons and English ESL video lesson plans with interactive exercises.

Hi! I’m Polina.

A native English speaker from Russia, semi-native Slovene speaker and I speak Korean rather artificially!

Slovene, korean, english, a globe, circles and books

Slovenia Why?

My Slovene attachment started long ago in 2013 when I first was introduced to a genius Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek. The pop star of modern philosophy and just an honest, straight-forward and extremely intelligent person. I tried to watch all his videos and movies and in 2017 decided to visit his motherland Slovenia. The only reason for me why foreigners mostly go to Slovenia was only because of Slavoj Žižek. It was shocking to find out that it is not the most popular reason😆.

Slovenia is one of the most eco-friendly, safest european countries with spectacular natural sites.

Was it K-pop?

My first encounter with Korean culture was in 2017 in Slovenia when I met a first Korean friend. At that time I realized in Asia there are people too😆. Since when I had made some attempts to learn Korean, but started to learn profoundly only in 2019 and still it is an enjoyable experience for me. Later on I visited Korea for a few months and that motivated me more to learn the language but mostly because of its difficulty!

Korea has majestic culture. I think I visited about 30 museums in Seoul and only at the upper part of the city!

It was written in the stars

I have a long history with English since childhood👩‍🎓😁 And it has become my professional career. Now I am a certified English teacher with a degree in English, korean and slovenian language learner. I’ve been teaching English for more than five years and obtained a Cambridge certificate C2 proficiency in 2017.

My day job is tutoring students in English. I have experience in exam taking and preparation ( IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE) as well as teaching kids. Learn more about my lessons here. Please, contact me if you have any questions or want to book a lesson with me.

  • CPE certificate C2
  • English school in london Certificate
  • EF Hult International Business School Upper Advanced level
  • University of Pennsylvania English for Science
  • The science of nuclear energy certificate
  • Oxford placement test C2 level

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