English listening Traditions

How do you prepare before going abroad?

What is acceptable and what is inappropriate in a country where you want to travel to?

What traditional festivals and events do you know there?

rooms in a house

You are supposed to help around the house.

big, little girl wearing a dress

The same dress/outfit

two bowls of soup

Don’t eat right away, wait for the host

Listen. Dan is going to China for the first time. What customs does Sarah tell him about?

Traditions From Speak Now 3 Lesson 25

Complete the gaps:

Ok. Well, you’re supposed to __ __ your shoes before you enter someone’s home.

And when you visit someone’s home, it is the __ to bring a small gift.

But in China, if someone gives you a gift, you’re __ __ to open it right away.

English listening Customs Text doc

Listen and write the three extra sentences

What are you supposed to and not supposed to do at the events below? What could be polite or impolite to do?

  • a birthday
  • a wedding
  • a business meeting

Learn more about Chinese and Japanese cultures with listening exercises!

Do proverbs reflect the culture and traditions of nations? What foreign proverbs and sayings do you know?

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